Workforce Management

ConstructionCloudsWorkforceManagement.jpgUsing Construction Clouds will enable you with the power to better manage your entire workforce no matter if they are directly employed staff or regular and occasional sub contract staff.
You'll have a better grip on where your workforce are and what they're doing through the use of GPS technology that will enable you and your staff to pinpoint them on maps. You'll be able to accurately track the time they spend on site including arrival and departure times through the use of mobile clock in and clock out features. You'll be able to automate your time sheet process and report with a much greater degree of precision.
We'll provide you with many workforce optimisation tools but here's just a few in short detail:

Staff Members

Having a central place to manage all of your staff members is essential in your business to ensure accurate and current credentials as well as the ability to track and manage other things such as rates of pay, annual leave and other employment details.

Construction Clouds will provide you with this central store and will allow you to stay ahead of yourself in terms of staff management.

Staff members are directly plugged in to all other areas of the Construction Clouds framework and as such will make light work of your most common tasks. 


Subcontractors will probably make up a large part of you site based workforce and like staff members, managing them efficiently is key to your success.

Just like staff members, your subcontractors will become directly plugged in to your construction cloud. You can store all manner of details about them as well as search for them based on location, trade type and services offered. This ability will assist you in selecting just the right person for the job. Construction Clouds will enable you to allocate them work and keep a close eye on the work tasks you set for them.

Time Sheets & Clock In / Out

Can you imagine knowing exactly what time your staff and subcontractors actually arrive to and leave from site?

With Construction Clouds on your side you'll be able to take the imagination out of it. You will be able to ask your entire workforce to clock in when they arrive on site and the system will check their geographical location. If they're on site then great but if they're not, the entry on their time sheet will be flagged and their actual position logged. This will give you the opportunity to investigate late arrivals and deal with attendance problems before they start to cost your business money.

Construction Clouds will also produce automatic time sheets for your entire workforce based on their clock in and clock out activity. Time sheets will contain hours worked, overtime and are fully costed based on the rates of pay you set. The clocking information is also automatically passed to your projects and jobs so there's no need for double entry when tracking profit and loss.

Workforce Location Tracking

It's vitally important to know where your entire workforce are at any moment of the day and it can be frustrating when you're trying to reach an employee but can't get a hold of them. You'll need to make decisions based on your workforce' location such as deciding on who might be the best member of the team to complete an emergency call out.

Our software will put this power and control to your fingertips. Each time a member of your workforce clocks in / out, logs in or checks in, their location is stored in their workforce record. This will mean that you can take a quick look to see who's closest to that emergency job and act quickly to get it covered.

You can also use the stored location information to look at an employees previous travel activity or job completion rate to decipher weaknesses in planning or task execution.

Real Time Job Reporting

Getting reliable job progress and completion information from your workforce can sometimes be a slow and geographically challenging problem. If your workforce has to write job reports and time sheets with pen and paper then they are likely to have to deliver that information back to the office maybe once a week or even once a day.

Construction Clouds will enable you and your entire team to collect that information in real-time as the job or task completes or progresses. This will not just save on your fuel bill with needless trips to the office but will mean that you can quickly deal with job issues and even invoice your work quicker than you would have ordinarily.

Annual Leave Management

Keeping track of your staff's paid annual leave should be very simple. Keeping a track of any sick leave or other unpaid time off should also be simple.

Fortunately, with our software this couldn't get any simpler.

You will be able to decide on how many paid leave days each of your staff members are allowed and then when the leave is booked the system will deduct from your staff members allowance. When the end of the year is reached the allowance is reset.

Annual leave can be set using a simple wizard and will be automatically added to the company planner (scheduling). Time sheet entries will be automatically created and the system will even send a text message to remind your staff to take their time off!

Our software is not based on various modules or separate packages and endless add on's that inevitably cost you more and more. Instead we only have one piece of software which means that all of our partner companies - including you - get the full package with all of its features all of the time. When we develop new features and more power we'll automatically upgrade you. You don't need to worry about upgrading software, replacing computers or even backing up your data. We'll take care of it all for you.