Project Management

ConstructionCloudsProjectMa.pngBuilding projects or jobs are the lifeblood of your construction company and therefore at the very centre of the Construction Clouds system. Construction Clouds provides some very powerful tools to assist you in the management and organisation of your jobs to ensure that you can complete on time and within budget whilst at the same time keeping your whole team singing from the same hymn sheet.
We know that construction projects are not always straightforward and can sometimes have many complex aspects to them. We also know that the smaller maintenance tasks shouldn't involve too much hoop jumping in terms of managing them inside a software system. Construction Clouds will help you to manage these different projects efficiently whether they are large or small.
There are many things you can do with your jobs inside Construction Clouds but here's a few extra details about the main benefits:

Building Projects

Building projects can be a complicated thing for your business to manage because there are lots of elements and different parties involved. We know that it can be difficult for you to keep all of your staff, subcontractors and clients up to date with the latest information whilst keeping a project on track and on budget.

Construction Clouds will assist you in negating the usual issues and will help to control the flow of information from first conception to handing over the keys and beyond. Our system does this by providing a structured way of entering all project critical information in a way that you and your staff will understand.

It will enable you to follow a project from survey, pricing and quoting through to aggreement of contracts and starting on site. When started you can use Construction Clouds to track and agree extra costs, raise stage payment invoices, handle payment retention and produce statements of account. You can track your project costs such as labour, materials and hire and keep ahead of profit and loss before it becomes an issue. 

Maintenance Jobs / Gas Contracts 

Small jobs such as maintenance tasks or emergency repairs require you to respond quickly and effectively and as such can prove to be very profitable for your company. We understand that these smaller jobs should be as easy as possible for you to manage and allocate to your workforce.

Construction Clouds will assist you in the swift turnaround of this type of job by enabling an easy way to enter, allocate, track, report and invoice. Its as easy as taking an intital call, logging the job and allocating it. Your workforce (whether a staff member or subcontractor) will then receive that job to their mobile device. They can then attend and enter their results on their mobile. Your office staff then inform the client of problems or completion and submit an invoice. All in real time.

Construction Clouds will also assist you in the management of gas servicing and gas safety contracts. It does this by automatically tracking when gas safety certificates are due to expire at the properties allocated to you by your agents. This will then start a process of bulk letter sending. The properties occupiers then simply call to arrange a time / date and your office staff decide who is best placed to complete the task. Non-respondents are sent additional communication and are flagged on the system so you may deal with them appropriately.

Job Costing and Quotes

You probably spend a lot of time pricing and quoting for work. We know that this essential activity can lead to lots of various paperwork that can end up lost at the bottom of the pile or stored away in project files that can become difficult to locate again. We know you need the those cost and quote details right at the point of making decisions. Construction Clouds will effortlessly put those key details right at your fingertips even if your on site or at the builders merchant. 

You can use the system to store all of you project costings, decide on profit margins, create pricing templates and produce written quotes. But you don't have to, you could also continue pricing the way that you already do and simply enter the key information such as costs onto the system.

Whichever way you go, Construction Clouds will effortlessly feed this information to your profit and loss tracking, contracts, statements, stage payments and invoicing.

Project Scheduling

Project scheduling or company wide scheduling is at the core of your construction company. Its important that you know exactly who's where and when and whats happing today, tomorrow, next week or in three months time. It's essential that all of your key staff are fully aware and are all working from the same single source of information.

Construction Clouds has scheduling at the very center of all it's inner workings because it's at the center of all of your inner workings. We provide intuitive ways to to look at scheduling from an individual, project or company wide perspective. We make it easy to locate quiet time or double booking. We make it easy to re-schedule and adjust. We make it perfectly plain to see who's where and when.

You can schedule staff and subcontractors for jobs, projects, surveys, office time, meetings, phone calls, paid and unpaid leave and anything else you can think of. For us it's not just about the project, its about the whole company.

Extras / Variations

Extras or contract variations are an everyday part of your life as a building contractor. You will always have unforeseen  problems that crop up and clients who ask you to do a bit more or the architect that missed some detail. When your team fail to manage extras correctly they can become very costly and can hit your bottom line in a significant way.

Our software will provide you with the tools to manage contract variations in a concise way that will leave you and your clients in no doubt about the original price, the extra price and the final price. It will be plain to see whats agreed and what isn't. You can of course have Construction Clouds produce nice looking extras sheets to email or pass to your clients. It will also automatically calculate price changes to invoices and will include itself on the statements of account you print or email.

Document and Image Management

Keeping your paperwork in one place whilst ensuring everyone has access to it, at the exact point need it, can be a challenge for you and your staff.

With Construction Clouds you can store copies of all your project critical documents in one place - with the project. You can upload anything from drawings, schedules, supplier quotes, PDFs, spreadsheets, media files or anything else you can think of. Project pictures can be stored and viewed with lightbox technology.

Whats more is that there are very many customer facing documents that are automatically created by the system such as quotes, contracts, invoices, extras sheets, statements and many more. These documents are automatically stored within the system and can be printed or emailed in MS Word and PDF format directly from within your cloud.

Site / Job Notes

Tracking job specific tasks and client requests and issues is sometimes a headache especially if your busy with lots of projects and the day to day running of your company.

We provide you with a simple note taking feature that allows you to capture project critical tasks and requests which you can then assign to any member of your workforce. Construction Clouds can automatically issue email reminders when tasks have not been cleared and will assist you in the tracking of expected workforce actions.

Health and Safety

Managing your health and safety on site is a critical part of any building project large or small but it need not take up huge amounts of your time by hand writing assessments for each job.

Construction Clouds comes complete with nearly one hundred industry and task specific risk assessments that you can edit and adapt to suit the work you carry out and you can also add your own. In essence producing job site assessments is as easy as selecting from a list of categories and the system will print a site specific health and safety overview.

Our software is not based on various modules or separate packages and endless add on's that inevitably cost you more and more. Instead we only have one piece of software which means that all of our partner companies - including you - get the full package with all of its features all of the time. When we develop new features and more power we'll automatically upgrade you. You don't need to worry about upgrading software, replacing computers or even backing up your data. We'll take care of it all for you.