Business Management

Construction Clouds is the ultimate tool to help you manage the day to day running of your construction company. It doesn't matter if you're of a specialist trade, a general builder completing extensions and small works, a maintenance company or a contracting company with many employees and subcontractors. You will share a few problems in the sense that you have to manage clients, suppliers, agents and everything that comes with them.
We truly believe that our software will help you to effectively manage these elements of your business and will in turn provide you with a company that is easier to manage, more efficient and more profitable.The list is long but below are just some of the key areas where Construction Clouds will give you a boost:

Client Management

Clients are at the heart of all businesses and yours is no different. It's important to find ways to effectively store their details, manage them and form and maintain good relationships.

Construction Clouds is a database in essence and as such gives you the power to store your clients details in an ordered and logical way as well as the ability to search and find them again quickly. It shouldn't matter if your on the road, on site or in the office, with Construction Clouds your most important assets are always at your fingertips. 

Agent Management

We know that you'll complete jobs and projects for other companies such as main contractors, estate agents, local councils and property management companies. That business to business relationship is important to you so managing and nurturing that relationship is essential. That's why a large part of our web based software is centered around 'agents'. Agents will provide you with the means to group your jobs and properties in a logical way that you'll find easy to understand.

Agents become another type of client and so you can treat them as such. Construction Clouds will enable you with smart tools to effectively communicate and manage those business clients.

Supplier Management

Suppliers are a huge part of your building business. They are the companies that supply your materials, your tools, plant, equipment and even agency labour. Keeping in contact with them and forging trustworthy and lengthy relationships takes time and effort but helps to ensure that you're always getting the best deal from them.

Fortunately, when you start to use Construction Clouds, you see how this management of suppliers can become more streamlined and better organised. We'll help you to keep all of your supplier details in one logical place along with details for all of the resources they supply you with.

Communication (Email / SMS / Letters)

We know that running a construction company generates huge amounts of communication between lots of different parties including clients, staff, subcontractors and suppliers. You'll know that seeking out that email, letter or text message with that single important line of text is sometimes a near impossible task. Well, our software will neatly store all of you communication alongside your jobs, clients, staff and subcontractors so you'll always know exactly where to find it.

That's not all though. Our cloud based system means that you can generate email, text messages, letters, documents and much more right at the moment you'll need to. You can even send out automatic emails and text messages to your clients, staff and subcontractors such as reminders of appointments and more.

Lead Tracking

Knowing the source of all your sales leads provides insights into the success or failure points in your marketing. Construction Clouds will enable you to track your enquiry sources and will display the results in an easy to understand format. You can then concentrate on the failure points and measure your success.

Survey Scheduling

The power offered by our cloud computing application starts right at the first contact from your clients. When a call comes your staff are able to create their enquiry in the system immediately. Because they will have a consolidated view of all staff availability, it can then be allocated to your sales staff, technical surveyors or yourself to be surveyed.

Our software is not based on various modules or separate packages and endless add on's that inevitably cost you more and more. Instead we only have one piece of software which means that all of our partner companies - including you - get the full package with all of its features all of the time. When we develop new features and more power we'll automatically upgrade you. You don't need to worry about upgrading software, replacing computers or even backing up your data. We'll take care of it all for you.