Manage your mobile workforce with Construction Clouds. Enable your mobile workforce using ContructionClouds. You can track your staff and subcontractors using GPS on their mobile phone or tablet, allow then to clock in and out as well as produce timesheetWeb Based builders software with cloud computing technology. Construction Clouds is the ultimate to manage your building company. Access your data 24 hours a day. Manage your business, building projects, staff and subcontractors. All securely hosted and bConnect your office to the things you do on site in real time with Construction-Clouds. Allow your staff to become better organised and more efficient by using our cloud based software to run your construction company.Document management for your construction company.Create, manage and store all of your building related documents online and in one place. Construction Clouds will allow you to decide who has access to which documents. Upload any file type.

What is Construction Clouds?

Construction Clouds is a UK based company that provides state of the art business and project management software for builders and construction companies. It is available on any internet enabled device, 24/7 via the cloud. It is specifically designed for the building and maintenance industry and is suited to large, small and medium sized building companies as well as tradesmen that are based in the UK or anywhere in the world.

Access all of your client and project data from your office desktop, iPad or tablet as well as your mobile phone. You can even allow your clients and subcontractors to log in too.

The smart choice for your business

Our cloud based builders software will help you to manage your time, staff, jobs, properties, agents, subcontractors, suppliers, vehicles and much, much more. You'll save time, become more productive and win more work.

It will walk you through the project life cycle for each of your jobs and help to streamline your business processes through an intuitive, familiar looking, easy to use interface. It will enable your mobile workforce and engage all parties in a collaborative manner to drive quality, reliability and ultimately profit. Read more about the features included in our web based building software.

Industry experience - we speak your language

We wrote this software whilst running successful building companies like yours and so we understand your needs, your technical jargon and how your industry works. This makes us best placed to deliver our in depth software and provide help and support to you in a way you will understand.

We have many pages of documentation, videos tutorials and we're always at the other end of the phone or email if you need us to help you.

Low cost with all the features

The software is fully scalable upwards or down and you can adjust and adapt the cost based on the size of your building company and it's changing needs. The service starts at just £79 per month and includes your first 3 users. Each additional user starts at £15 per month and the more users you add the cheaper it gets. Read more about our pricing
Our SaaS (software as a service) model means your minimal fees will include around the clock access to your secure data, free and automatic upgrades to the latest and greatest version.You will also benefit from having access to our complete package with no additional add ons or extra costs for more 'modules' - just straightforward pricing for our feature rich management suite.

Easy to learn

We provide many pages of documentation that describe every Construction Cloud feature as well as video tutorials to help you get started quickly. We provide detailed examples and guidelines on how to create and manage customers, staff, projects, appointments, alerts, suppliers and much, much more. However, due to the clean and simple web based interface, our application is so easy to use that most users will be proficient after a single read of our quick start guide. It is an irresistible package!

Robust and multi-platform

Because Construction Clouds uses proven technologies that are employed by many professional organisations to build large enterprise-strength applications, your builders cloud will be reliable, scalable and robust. Your cloud will work in exactly the same way on Windows and Mac OS X using the most common web browsers.

Construction Clouds can not only run on Windows PC, Linux or Mac, but also on mobile devices. It supports all iOS-driven devices, such as iPhone and iPad, as well as all Android-driven, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.